ramp1 [ramp]
[Fr rampe < OFr ramper: see RAMP2]
1. a sloping, sometimes curved, surface, walk, road, etc. joining different levels
2. a means for boarding or leaving a plane, as a staircase on wheels rolled up to the door
3. a concave bend or curve where a handrail or coping changes its direction, as at a staircase landing
4. a sloping runway for launching boats, as from trailers
ramp up
Informal to increase or augment [to ramp up factory production]
ramp2 [ramp]
[ME rampen < OFr ramper, to climb, clamber < Frank * rampon, to cramp together < Gmc * rampa, claw, akin to MDu ramp, cramp < IE * (s)kremb-, var. of base * (s)kerb(h)-, to twist, curve > SHRIMP, HARP]
a) to stand upright on the hind legs
b) Heraldry to be depicted rampant
2. to assume a threatening posture
3. to move or rush threateningly, violently, or with fury; rampage
the act of ramping
ramp3 [ramp]
[taken as sing. of ramps, var. of dial. rams, wild garlic < ME < OE hramsa, wild garlic < IE base * krem- > Gr kremyon, MIr crem, Lith kermùšė]
a wild leek (Allium tricoccum) having a pair of broad basal leaves in spring, followed by a naked flower stalk: its strongly flavored bulbs are edible

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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